Members Saved How Much?

Credit Unions passed along $8.5 Billion in savings to members and communities in 2015 alone. (This is from direct savings to members from better rates and lower fees, as well as keeping competitive pressure on the "for-profit" financial services. Source: Filene Institute).

So what is the "reward" or advantage of our services? Wayne County Community Federal Credit Union is a local financial institution, founded to provide the residents and workers of Wayne County with not-for-profit options for their financial services. By our charter, we give back any "profits" in the form of lower fees and better rates for services we offer. The reward is a friendly voice on the phone, or the warm smile in the office from someone who lives and is invested in this county and this community. The reward is doing business with people who focus on your needs, and not focused on lining the pockets of big-money shareholders in other cities. It's a reward that you can see and feel every day.