Fee Schedule

  • Prime Share

    Prime Share Price
    Par Value (must remain in savings to maintain membership) $5.00
    Dormant Account Fee (inactive over 12 months) $5.00 / month
    Reg D Violation1 $5.00 / transaction
  • Checking (Share Draft)

    Checking (Share Draft) Price
    Check Printing Varies with Style
    Non-sufficient Funds & Overdraft Privilege (per item) $29.00
    Overdraft Transfer (from savings to checking)1 $5.00 / transaction
    Processor Return Item $20.00
    Stop Payment Placement $25.00
    Image Copy of Processed Check $5.00
    Debit Card Transaction Dispute (other than fraud) $25.00
    Debit Card Reissue $10.00
    Debit Card Reissue Rush Fee $20.00
  • ATMs

    ATMs Price
    ATM Card Reissue $10.00
    ATM Card Reissue Rush Fee $20.00
    Usage of Alliance One Network ATM No Cost
    Usage of Non-Alliance One Network ATM No Cost2
  • Loans

    Loans Price
    Loan Late Fee $30.00
    Credit Card Transaction Dispute
    (other than fraud)
  • Online Services

    Online Services Price
    Online Banking Services No Cost
    Online Bill Pay No Cost
    Mobile Banking No Cost
  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Price
    Account Fee
    (waived with a positive balance and active
    checking account, active loan or credit card in
    good standing with WCCFCU)
    $5.00 / month
    Return Mail Item
    (If fail to notify the credit union
    of address change resulting in
    a returned statement)
    Image Copy of Cleared Official Check $25.00
    Stop Payment of Unpaid Official Check $35.00
    Account Statement Copy $3.00 / month
    Official Check $5.00
    Incoming Wire Transfer No Cost
    Outgoing Wire Transfer $25.00
    Verification of Deposit Processing $5.00
    Garnishment / Levy / Subpoena $25.00 / occurrence
    Child Support Payment Processing $5.00 / item
    Up to 10 Pages
    Per Page After 10
    Copies of Faxed Document
    $0.50 / page
    $0.25 / page
    Coin Counting 10% of Total Coin
    Account Research / Reconcilliation $25.00 / hr

1US Government Regulation D limits the number of automatic, pre-authorized, telephone, electronic (including ACH), online and other transfers and withdrawals not made in person or by ATM to six (6) per month in accounts not deemed a transaction (checking) account.

2WCCFCU does not charge a fee for the use of Non-Alliance One network ATMs, however the financial institution that owns the ATM may charge you a fee for use.