Online Banking

The credit union must have a correct email address for you to activate these services. If you cannot activate your online banking, please verify your email address with us. (A confirmation is sent to the email address we have on file to activate your online banking.) 

Online Banking:

This service is available for members at no charge (free) and allows members to:

  • Transfer money between accounts

  • View account activity

  • Look up specific transactions

  • Print copies of checks that have cleared

  • Set account text or email alerts

  • Enroll in eStatements

  • Manage other settings on your account

Online Bill Pay:

Never lick a stamp to pay a bill again. You can set up an easy way to pay bills right from your checking account easily and efficiently. You set when and how much you want to pay each vendor. For example, if you need to pay MCTV every month, just use your monthly bill to help set up a new vendor, and enter the account number. (Many area vendors are easily recognized by the software built into BillPay.) Then you can set to pay a set amount to MCTV on a set day (like the 15th of every month), or pay the bill on a date when it works into your budget. (We take the funds, and pay the bill for you, either by mail or usually by ACH transfer). There is no fee for the transaction, unless you choose to "rush" or expedite the payment.

Security Tips You Should Know:

  • If the computer you are using for Online Banking seems to be routinely asking you to answer security questions even after you have marked "remember me on this computer", there are a few possible reasons this is happening.
    1. Your computer could be logging in from different networks every time.
    2. There could be some security setting changes made on your computer by patch updates, other users, different web browsers, etc. on the device in use
    3. The computer could possibly be infected with a virus or malware.
    4. The router or firewall could be blocking the required information to recognize the device the user is using. In any case, the security questions are in place for the safety of the system, and the safety of your funds.

  • You will need to have activated your Online banking at least once a laptop or desktop computer before activating the Mobile App we provide through the Apple App store or the Google Play app store.

  • During the initial registration for Online Banking, the system generates a code to be sent to the email address on record for the member as a security measure. If we have the wrong email on our records, the initial registration will fail. To change an email address outside of our Online Banking service, we require a signature so we can confirm the email is that of the member, and not a scammer or hacker.

  • If you do change your email and you already use Online Banking, you can change your email address using the "Services" tab in Online Banking. If you ever receive a notice that your email address or physical address has been changed, please notify the credit union immediately.

  • The credit union will never email you or call you asking for personal information regarding your account. We will not call you for your account number or your card numbers either. You should never give out this information to anyone that says they are from a financial institution that should already have that information. If any financial institution or credit firm asks you to call them, look up the phone number from a reliable source to make sure you are not calling a "scam" number.